Colour Specialist Supreme Care Colour Cream 60ml

AED 69.00

Color: 3.0 Ultra Dark Brown
Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist Supreme Care Colour Cream 60ml

AED 69.00

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HELPFUL HINTS: You can use a lip balm to protect your forehead skin from color stains., For hair longer than chin length, we recommend to use two packs. Leave at least 2 weeks between coloring and applying a perm/straightening treatment to your hair, otherwise the color result could become uneven., If your hair is bleached, straightened, sun exposed or permed, we recommend reducing the processing time about 5–10 minutes.

How to use

PREPARATION: Before starting the application, place a clothing protection and a watch nearby so that you can monitor the application time. Color Expert is to be used on dry, not pre-washed hair.,

MIXING: Unscrew the cap of the Applicator bottle with developer. Put the gloves on. Open the Color Creme Tube by piercing the tube sealing with the reverse side of the cap., Squeeze the whole content of Color Creme Tube into the Applicator bottle. Close the Applicator bottle again and shake it vigorously until all components are thoroughly mixed and turned into a homogeneous creme., Finally, unscrew the upper cap and start with the application immediately., ATTENTION: The color of the mixture changes during the application process. This has no impact on color result.,

TOTAL APPLICATION: This application is recommended if you are coloring your hair permanently for the first time, or your previous hair color has totally grown out, i.e. no regrowth can be seen., Starting from the back of your head to the front, apply the prepared coloration mixture strand after strand on your whole hair. Then distribute the mixture into the hair. Remove color stain on the skin immediately., Leave the mixture for 30 minutes., For shades 9-1, 10-1, 10-2 and 10-4: Allow the coloration mixture to work for 45 minutes.,

REGROWTH APPLICATION: This method is recommended if your hair is colored and the regrowth is visible, or if the ends of your hair are darker or in poor condition. For this, make a parting with the tip of the Applicator bottle. Apply about ⅔ of the coloration mixture only on the regrowth area. Apply the mixture along the parting by distributing it into the roots with your fingertips (leave supplied gloves on). Repeat this procedure for the whole regrowth area. Allow the coloration mixture to work for 20 minutes., Apply the rest of the mixture to the whole hair and allow it to work for a further 10 minutes., For shades 9-1, 10-1, 10-2 and 10-4: Apply to the roots area only and allow the coloration mixture to work for 35 minutes. Apply the rest for max. 10 minutes in the rest of the hair.

RINSE & AFTER TREATMENT: Before rinsing your hair, put on gloves again. Rinse the hair well at the end of processing time with lukewarm water until water runs clear., As a subsequent care, apply the Conditioner into the wet hair. Allow the Conditioner to work for 2 minutes and then rinse out thoroughly. After application of the Conditioner your hair is easy to comb, soft and full of shine.

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