Travel Hacks For Skincare

Travel Hacks For Skincare

Written by Watsons’ Beauty & Skincare Experts Team April 2023

Traveling is an exciting adventure that everyone looks forward to. However, it can be a bit challenging to keep your skin glowing and healthy while you’re on the go. With all the long hours spent on planes and trains, dry air, and changes in temperature, your skin can quickly become dull and dehydrated. But fret not! We’ve got three travel skincare hacks that will help you keep your skin looking fresh and radiant throughout your journey.

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1.     Pack Sheet Masks For The Plane

Yes, you heard it right! Sheet masks are the perfect solution for a quick, on-the-go
skincare routine. They come in handy packets that you can easily toss into your
carry-on, and they work wonders in just a few. Plus, you’ll look like a
superhero in disguise while wearing one on the plane, and who doesn't want to
feel like a superhero? So go ahead, pack those sheet masks and let your skin
indulge in some much-needed hydration mid-flight.

2.     Bring Makeup Remover Wipes

Next on our list is makeup remover wipes. These little wonders are a lifesaver when
you're on the go. They come in handy packets that fit nicely into your purse,
backpack, or carry-on, and they'll save you the trouble of carrying bulky
bottles of makeup remover. Plus, they’re quick and easy to use, so you can
remove your makeup and get some much-needed beauty sleep on the plane or train
without any hassle.

3.     Carry A Hydrating Facial Mist

Finally, let's talk about facial mists. If there's one thing that will instantly refresh
your skin on a long journey, it's a hydrating facial mist. Not only will it
give your skin an instant boost of hydration, but it'll also leave you feeling
refreshed and awake. Plus, it’s a perfect way to give your skin some
much-needed TLC after being exposed to the dry air on the plane. So, be sure to
carry one of these in your carry-on, and spray away whenever you need a quick